Privacy Policy

We have prepared privacy policy to protect your personal information and serve you in a better way. We have adopted reasonable security procedures to safeguard your personal details and are committed to deliver high quality services for our users. By accessing to our website, you accept to receive alerts from our website. If you are using our videos on other websites, then you have to check the privacy policy terms of both websites before uploading any video. Please read privacy policy terms to know how we use your personal information details before registering on our website.

When we ask your personal details?

Through our website, users can download free movies and watch from any device for free without spending a dollar from their pocket. While downloading your favorite movie or using our services we may ask to enter your personal details to give you a wonderful experience. When you try to use our service and connect with other website, then we may ask to enter your details.

What type of information we collect from you?

We may ask your name, age and email address. We gather these details to know about your interest and understand your needs.

How we use your personal information?

We use this information to notify you about our services, to send you the notifications about the new movies which are recently released that suits to your interest and the changes we have made in our website. We collect information to enhance user may send you emails and newsletters according to the details you fill while registering. We use your personal information to communicate with you and fulfill your needs without any delay. We may use your information to conduct research and survey and share information as per your interest and needs. Our goal is to help users to be aware of our services and let you to see your favorite show from any device for free without any interruption.

Changes to the privacy policy:

We may modify our privacy policy terms anytime.

Select unsubscribe option to block updates from our site:

If you wish to not receive emails from our website anymore, then you can choose unsubscribe option immediately


Cookies are small text files which are used by the advertisers to track information about the user computer. Users who want to protect their personal details from advertisers can disable cookies from personal computer by adjusting browsing settings.

Third Party disclosure:

We do not sell or transfer to the outside parties your personal information.

Third party links:

Our website has may contain many links. We are not responsible for any kind of damages occurred from third party links connected from our website. You have to review before providing your personal information to third parties or advertisers connected from our website.


We respect our users and protect personal information using advanced technical procedures.

Who can access our website?

This site is designed for the people who are above 13 years of age.